Design and Hosting

One of the things I do is web development.  So far I have a total of 5 Wordpress sites I created, host, and maintain on a server I control. Two of them are for paying customers, one is a shared music site for my friends and I, and one is this one. There are others I’ve done with but that doesn’t count.

The level of work and customization has been varied, but right now, where I am at is this: I can design and host fairly basic WordPress sites, including e-commerce functionality, that are made using  basic templates and can be customized to a moderate level, that are secure and easy to use.

Here are the ones I’ve done so for:

Lisa Carver (songwriter)

Lewis County Products, LLC (manufacturing)

High Forest Music (informal record label)

Songs By Caty Lou (songwriter)

The ones I put the most work into were Songs By Caty Lou and Lewis County Products (which is a functional e-commerce site, although a very basic one). There’s been a definite learning curve here, and I am getting better.

If you need a simple, functional, cleanly designed site for your music or small business, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can help with all aspects of the project.