A Key That Should Not Be Used is a site associated with the software and web development parts of the work of Peter Dickson, ie, me.

I am a beginning web developer whose primary skill sets/languages involve Joomla, WordPress, and PHP, and am also experimenting in Android development using C#, Xamarin, and the Mono framework. I also am getting into hosting somewhat.

If you are interested in having me build you a site, please by all means contact me and we can talk. Do the same if you want to discuss music, animal welfare, theology, electrical work, books, or pretty much anything really. I respond to all communications.

This site is never going to be really fancy, it’s pretty much just going to be a landing pad with a blog, and a place to send people who click the link at the bottom of sites I’ve built- but that’s enough. I hope you find something here that helps you!